How it works

It’s really super easy! You just need a computer with a webcam, or your phone and somewhere quite.

Just start your game

Sign in with google or email. If no one is around you can play single player.

Pick a Job

There’s fun and serious jobs to choose from. In two player one person is the interviewer one the interviewee.

Ask or answer the questions

Depending on the role you are playing either ask the questions or answer them.

Learn from feedback

The AI will let you know what can be improved and how to do so! At the end, you’ll get a feedback summary including feedback from the other player.

See what our players say

In partnership with the world’s most advanced technologies in emotional analysis:

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What our players are saying

If we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our players !

The chance to get real training for future interviews with a real person has definitely improved my self-confidence. I felt there was a good mix of jovial and serious jobs to practice on.
Tony Creswell
Tony Creswell
Job seeker
Being interviewed without fear of losing a job gives one more freedom to explore and develop, without the pressure brought on by the risk of failing a real job interview.
Roxy Akata
Roxy Akata
Recent Graduate
Ability to rate how one felt and to give feedback provides practical opportunities for improvement. It's real similar to real interview situation, helped me overcome some self-doubt.
Eli Perletta
Eli Perletta
Recently hired